About Us

For over 8 years Calm Tracks has been designing and sharing meditation products and services. With thousands of satisfied customers across the United States.

Our Mission

Passion + Talent = Better Products

Every day we try to make our products and services just a little bit better than they were. Since 2018 we have delivered on our promise to deliver the best meditation products at consistently quality for fair prices. With hundreds of positive reviews and outstanding products, we’re so sure you’ll love your purchase or you can return it for a full refund.



Satisfied customers and growing

Our Offerings

CDs and MP3s

We offer most of our products in both CD and MP3 digital formats.



24+ carefully curated products that meet our brand standard.

High Fidelity Audio

Our precision disc production ensures that each disc is validated, inspected and carefully packaged prior to shipment. Sound fidelity is important to us, we master all of our raw audio files with FLAC encoding, one of the most robust codecs for audio. Our MP3 downloads are downmixed from the same source into 320 Kbps files that offer the same fidelity as our CDs.

Crystal Clear Audio

With bitrates at or above 320 Kbps for every track.

Easy Downloads

Get your digital downloads immediately after payment.

Free & Fast Shipping

Free shipping to anywhere in the United States!

Key People & Services

It takes a lot to create inspiring content with appeal. These are some of the people and services that helped make this website and content available.

Rick Hernandez

Web Design / Support


Hosting & Management Services

Jorge Sepulveda

Meditation Coach / Composer


Store Platform

Kevin Macleod

Contributor / Composer


Selling Partner