Nature Sound Series – Rainforest


The Nature Sound Series – Rainforest CD drowns out the external noise around you as it slowly, gently relaxes you and immerses you in auditory heaven. Available for purchase on CD or as an MP3 Download.

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Relax, Meditate Or Fall Asleep To The Beautiful and Soothing Sounds Of A Tropical Rainforest

Do you have any trouble falling asleep and staying asleep for long periods of time? Are you stressed out and looking to escape?Get ready to relax to soothing nature sounds with Nature Sound Series: Rainforest available on CD or as an MP3 Download.

Real recording of a real rainforest: this is your passport to NATURAL sleep and relaxation

The ONLY nature audio created by sound therapist Jonathan Watkins specializing in the use of sound to help reduce anxiety, stress and insomnia.

This premium quality mastered nature track drowns out the external noise around you as it slowly, gently relaxes you and immerses you in auditory heaven. You’ll feel peace and a deep sense of calm wash over you body and soul and you’ll drift into relaxing deep sleep. You’ll wake up refreshed the next morning – without that groggy feeling you’d get with sleeping pills or sleep medications.

Nature Sound Series: Rainforest

• 60+ minutes of non-stop real rain and rainforest audio tracks without distracting sounds.
• Professional recording mastered for quality with crisp and clean sounding audio. 
• 30 Day guarantee: If you don’t love it, return it within 30 days for a full refund of your purchase price.

What you WON’T Get – Awful Distractions!

Your Rainforest CD/MP3 has no jarring background noises like cars or trucks. No distracting cheesy music. Nothing but calming, soothing rain and rainforest sounds. This is a professional, high quality audio track with crystal clear sound.

If you love tropical rainforests – or if you simply desire calm in your life – order this CD/MP3 now. The perfect gift for friends and family who have trouble relaxing or sleeping.

This was recommended to me for sleep, so I thought I would try it. It was wonderful! It helped me get to sleep faster and I tossed and turned less over night. I loved the soothing rain sounds. The thunderstorms and the rain are also relaxing to me. My parents love it too, but can’t use the thunderstorms because the thunder rumble sounds so realistic is startles one of their cats. My cat isn’t bothered by it, so I can play the entire album, and drift off peacefully. Very relaxing. I give this entire album 5 stars! – Susan Klepper
Two of my favorite sounds on the planet are rain and thunder storms. It’s amazing how peaceful and very straightforward they are. I love the sounds of rain from different places. It’s amazing to hear the difference between rain in a rainforest and rain on the ocean. If you don’t like the sounds of nature as she’s taking care of herself through rain, thunder, & etc a CD entirely about and full of rain is probably not for you, but I like it. – John Silverman
This is exactly what I was looking for. Years ago I had a nice rain CD that sounded like rain on the leaves in the woods outside my window that CD could put me to sleep in about 2 minutes, and it was awesome. I have no idea what happened to it, but this is a perfect replacement. Some of it is nice, steady, soaking rain on leaves. Very, very relaxing! – Arturo Vargas

Available for purchase on CD or as an MP3 Download. 

CDs will be delivered to you via USPS First Class Mail within 2-5 business days (U.S. customers only). The CDs are shipped in ultra-rigid mailers with added protection, these discs do not come with jewel cases. This not only reduces the impact on the environment but it allows me to ship these CDs to you free of shipping charges. The discs do include paper sleeves with windows. If you wish to store your discs in plastic jewel cases please consult with your local office supply store.

MP3 Downloads are digital products that you will have access to immediately after purchase (U.S. and International customers). When you place an order for MP3 downloads nothing physical will be mailed to you, you will receive unique links to your purchased digital MP3 downloads instead.

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Nature Sound Series - Rainforest

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