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This Nine Solfeggio Frequency collection features frequencies 174 Hz, 285 Hz, 396 Hz, 417 Hz, 528 Hz, 639 Hz, 741 Hz, 852 Hz and 963 Hz intermixed with a meditation audio track – the background tracks vary depending on the solfeggio frequency tones to help achieve the best listening experience. Available for purchase on CD or as MP3 Downloads.


174 Hz – 285 Hz- 396 Hz – 417 Hz – 528 Hz – 639 Hz – 741 Hz – 852 Hz – 963 Hz 


174 Hz – 285 Hz- 396 Hz – 417 Hz – 528 Hz – 639 Hz – 741 Hz – 852 Hz – 963 Hz Solfeggio tones intermixed with a meditation audio track – the background track varies depending on the solfeggio frequency to help achieve the best listening experience for the end-user. We have chosen specific types of music and sounds to match the specific solfeggio frequency listed.

When you order one of our Solfeggio Frequency audio collections you get an expertly crafted product that was partly designed by sound therapist Jonathan Watkins.

Available for purchase on CD or as MP3 Downloads. 

CDs will be delivered to you via USPS First Class Mail within 2-5 business days (U.S. customers only).

MP3 Downloads are digital products that you will have access to immediately after purchase (U.S. and International customers).


Solfeggio frequencies make up the ancient 6-tone scale thought to have been used in sacred spiritual music, including the beautiful and well known Gregorian Chants. The chants and their special tones were believed to impart spiritual blessings if they were sung in harmony. Each Solfeggio tone is comprised of a frequency required to balance your energy and keep your body, mind, and spirit in perfect harmony. Although Gregorian Chants are great an all we have progressed past that type of harmonic sound, our selection of audio tracks imparts the most important part of this phenomenon – the Solfeggio tone frequencies themselves.

Each track we offer mixes in one of these listed frequencies below, the frequency is interwoven with more palatable music. The tone is almost impossible to hear on its own but if you listen closely it can be heard. These frequencies do not need to be listened to at high volumes and in fact, it’s discouraged, instead, the tones are meant to be heard in the background at lower volumes. All of these tracks are made with your enjoyment and comfort level in mind, we have painstakingly created the perfect balance of music and Solfeggio tones so you can enjoy them anywhere it is safe to relax.

The main six Solfeggio frequencies:

396 Hz – Liberating Guilt and Fear

417 Hz – Undoing Situations and Facilitating Change

528 Hz – Transformation and Miracles (DNA Repair)

639 Hz – Connecting/Relationships

741 Hz – Expression/Solutions

852 Hz – Returning to Spiritual Order


According to Professor Willi Apel, the origin of the ancient Solfeggio Scale can be traced back all the way to a Medieval hymn to John the Baptist. The hymn has this peculiarity that the first six lines of the music commenced respectively on the first six successive notes of the scale, and thus the first syllable of each line was sung to a note one degree higher that the first syllable of the line that preceded it. Because the music held a mathematic resonance, the original frequencies were capable of spiritually inspiring mankind to be more “spirit-kind”.

The original Solfeggio scale was developed by a Benedictine monk, Guido d’Arezzo (c. 991 AD – c. 1050 AD). It was used by singers to learn their chants and songs more easily. Today we know the Solfeggio scale as seven ascending notes assigned to the syllables Do-Re-Mi-Fa-So-La-Ti. The original scale was six ascending notes assigned to Ut-Re-Mi-Fa-Sol-La. The syllables for the scale were taken from a hymn to St. John the Baptist, Ut Queant Laxis, written by Paulus Diaconus.Guido d’Arezzo

In the mid-1970’s Dr. Joseph Puleo, a physician, and America’s leading herbalist, found six electro-magnetic sound frequencies that corresponded to the syllables from the hymn to St. John the Baptist.


According to the documentation provided in “Healing Codes for the Bioloagical Apocalypse”, Dr. Joseph Puleo was introduced, through an open vision, to the Pythagorean method of numeral reduction. Using this method, he discovered the pattern of six repeating codes in the Book of Numbers, Chapter 7, verses 12 through 83.

The Pythagorean method is a simple reduction method, used to turn big numbers into single digits. The values of all digits in the number are added up. When after the first addition the number still contains more than one digit, the process is repeated.Here’s an example:456 can be reduced to 4+5+6 = 15, and subsequently reduced to 1+5=6. So the number 456 reduces eventually to the single digit 6.Pythagoras of Samos

Dr. Joseph Puleo found repetitions of a single issue or subject in the Book of Numbers. In Chapter 7, verse 12 he found a reference to the first day, the second day was mentioned in verse 18, the third day in verse 24, and so forth until the final reference in verse 78 which is speaking of the twelfth day.

The Pythagorean reduction of these verse numbers is:

Verse 12 = 1 + 2 = 3Verse 18 = 1 + 8 = 9Verse 24 = 2 + 4 = 6Verse 30 = 3 + 0 = 3Verse 36 = 3 + 6 = 9Verse 42 = 4 + 2 = 6 


Do you see the repetition of 396? This is the first frequency.

He found the next frequency by looking at verse 13, which is speaking of an offering. Six verses down, which is verse 19, the same offering or idea is repeated, six verses down at verse 25 there is another repeat, etc. Thus, by using the Pythagorean method of reduction, again he discovered a pattern. This pattern is 417. It is the second frequency. The rest of the frequencies were found using the same method.

The secret meanings of the ancient syllables

Each tone has its own unique potential

As you already know, the syllables used to denote the tones are Ut, Re, Mi Fa, Sol, La. They were taken from the first stanza of the hymn to St. John the Baptist:

Ut queant laxis Resonare fibris

Mira gestorum Famuli tuorum

Solve polluti Labii reatum

Sancte Iohannes

The literal translation from Latin: “In order that the slaves might resonate (resound) the miracles (wonders) of your creations with loosened (expanded) vocal chords. Wash the guilt from (our) polluted lip. Saint John.”

In other words, so people could live together in peace and communicate in harmony about the miracle in their lives, and how God blessed them to produce this “magic”, people’s true unpolluted spiritual natures required revelation. The above text seems to suggest that Solfeggio notes open up a channel of communication with the Divine.

Each syllable was thoroughly studied by Dr. Puleo and other professional researchers. David Hulse, a sound therapy pioneer with over 40 years of experience, described the tones as the following:

UT – 396 Hz – turning grief into joy, liberating guilt & fear

RE – 417 Hz – undoing situations & facilitating change

MI – 528 Hz – transformation & miracles, repairing DNA

FA – 639 Hz – relationship, connecting with spiritual family

SOL – 741 Hz – expression/solutions, cleaning & solving

LA – 852 Hz – returning to spiritual order


The Solfeggio frequencies were forgotten because throughout history different tuning applications have been used. Ancient tuning practices used a system of tuning known as “Just Intonation”. The method of Just Intonation featured pure intervals between every note that were mathematically related by ratios of small whole numbers leading to a much purer sound.

The tuning practice adopted for western cultures from about the 16th century and used today is known as “Twelve-Tone Equal Temperament”. According to Joachim Ernst-Berendth the 12-Tone Equal Temperament mistunes all consonant intervals except the octave. Our modern scale can create situations such ‘boxed-in’ thinking, stuffed and suppressed emotions, fear-based or lack consciousness, all of which then tend to manifest into physical symptoms called ‘dis-ease’ or disease.

Our modern-day musical scale is out of sync when compared with the original Solfeggio scale. If we want to bring harmony in our lives, we need to replace the dissonant western scale with a web of subtle and clear intervallic relationships of the Solfeggio music. Let the music become once again a tool to raise human nature and a method to connect you with the source of spirit and divinity.

Experience Tranquillity – check out our available Solfeggio Audio Tracks today! 


Nikola Tesla, the great genius and father of electromagnetic engineering, had once said, “If you only knew the magnificence of the 3, 6 and 9, then you would hold a key to the universe”. The 3, 6, and 9 are the fundamental root vibrations of the Solfeggio frequencies.

Solfeggio Frequencies MP3 CD

Albert Einstein stated: “Concerning matter, we have been all wrong. What we have called matter is energy, whose vibration has been so lowered as to be perceptible to the senses. There is no matter.” All matter beings vibrate at specific rates and everything has its own melody. The musical nature of nuclear matter from atoms to galaxies is now finally being recognized by science.

That is why these frequencies are so powerful. They can literally bring you back to the original tones of the heavenly spheres and put your body into a balanced resonance. Solfeggio music is the key to the Universe. You can either ignore it or you can use it to find healing, harmony, health and well-being in your spiritual life.

I suffer from/need help with _____. Will the frequencies help me?

Please understand that I cannot provide medical or psychological advice. This audio is multifunctional and may be able to help you, but it’s not a “miracle cure”. Please DO NOT replace your prescribed medication or any other form of treatment without first consulting your physician. If you decide to try out the frequencies, please contact your medical professional and ask about sound therapy.

Does it work immediately?

Although the changes begin to take place in the first session, they may be subtle and increasingly noticeable over the following weeks. Generally speaking, you should experience the benefits after a period of 4-6 weeks of daily listening. However, the truth is that you can notice the positive effects in your own time frame as you would with any form of regular exercise. Consistency and regular use is a must if you want permanent change results.

What are your recommendations on listening to the tones? 

I recommend to not limit yourself on how to use the music. The only advice I would give is to listen to the frequencies daily for a period of at least 4 weeks. Of course, you can notice the changes after one day or even after 15 minutes of listening. Just find your own rhythm, listen with the intention and stay natural.

Is louder better when listening to your music?

No. My audio is designed to be most effective at comfortable to low volume levels. However, I recommend that you experiment with volumes to find whatever works best for you.

Do I have to use headphones? If so, what kind?

Headphones are required to gain the additional benefits of the frequencies embedded into the audio disc tracks. They can also give you more focus, bringing external noise and distraction down to a minimum. I personally prefer headphones over speakers. What kind? My music will work fine on most medium quality headphones and earbuds. Even the ones included with your iPhone or Android phone should suffice.

Do you know which frequency corresponds to each chakra in the body?

I know from experience that healing frequencies affect the body as a whole. For example, many will use 396 Hz to clear the root chakra. The truth is that the 396 Hz will clear all chakras as will each of the tones.

What kind of duration would you suggest with each listening, for best results?

There is no limitation on how much you can listen to the pure frequencies. However, in the very early stages, some people can feel “overloaded” if they listen to more than 60 minutes at once. If you are listening to my audio discs then I would suggest limiting the sessions to 2-4 hours per day. It’s because the music is enhanced and your brain may feel a bit overloaded when exposed too long for the beats.

How long do I need to listen to the frequencies in order to maintain the positive effects?

The longer you continue to listen, the more permanent the changes and improvements. Of course, if you are happy with your results and do not feel a need for more extended listening, you can simply stop. You can always begin listening again anytime as needed. However, regularly playing helps to keep your body in harmony and balance.

Who should not listen to your Solfeggio audio tracks?

Do not listen to these sounds while operating machinery, potentially dangerous equipment, performing potentially hazardous activities or driving. People with epilepsy should contact their medical practitioners if they wish to use the frequencies.

Are there any side effects of using the frequencies?

The side effects are nearly all positive. However, some people may feel uncomfortable while listening to the music for the very first time. It is because the healing frequencies are different tone wise compared to the modern scale. Therefore, your brain can have an extra audio mind aerobics type workout, much like lifting weights in a gym for muscle growth. If you do feel uncomfortable, simply listen at low to barely audible levels, for shorter duration or less frequently until the negative feelings subside. In the very unlikely event that you experience intense or prolonged physical or mental discomfort, please discontinue use or see a medical professional.

Are your songs suitable for children?

I have found no research suggesting any detrimental effects on children – only benefits. However, I would recommend not using headphones for those under 10 years. Always ensure that you use a comfortable to low volume setting.

Do I have to meditate to your music? Is there a proper sitting/laying down position?

You don’t have to meditate in the traditional sense of sitting cross-legged. Just find a comfortable place where you can sit or lie down. Keep the volume soft and let the music fill your body and mind. I also recommend exposing yourself to the healing frequencies during normal daily activities, for example, you can play the music softly on the CD/MP3 player in the living room and read a book at the same time.

Can I listen to the music during sleep?

Yes. Most benefits will occur as your body and brain are still receiving the stimuli, even in sleep.

Does your music incorporate subliminal messages?

No. My songs don’t incorporate subliminal messages. I utilize various technologies including binaural beats and isochronic tones, but I never use any form of subliminal manipulation.

I want to meditate deeply. What frequencies do you recommend?

Any of the frequencies can be used for meditative states. Although my songs are not “instant meditation” audio products, they can be an excellent way to access and enter into the state of deep meditation. I would recommend treating my music as a training tool, rather than a replacement for meditation. After all, Zen monks don’t need any music or headphones to enter into deep meditation.

Do any of these frequencies work with plants, and if so, which ones do you recommend?

I’m aware that each plant has its own unique frequency, but I haven’t utilized my songs in the garden yet. However, I believe that the music will have only positive effects on your flowers, vegetables and fruits.

I purchased your audio meditations, but I don’t see any effects. I want to return the items and receive a refund. Is it possible?

I offer a money back guarantee on all products for 30 days from the purchase date. If you are not satisfied with the product, you may return it and I will give you a full refund. NO QUESTIONS ASKED.

Why is composing in Solfeggio frequencies so difficult?

Rather than simply generating the tones, I tune each note SEPARATELY. This way you get the full Solfeggio scale and the most precise tuning. I also use high-quality tuning forks and various musical instruments (like crystal singing bowls and desk chimes) which are perfectly tuned to the healing frequencies. Add to the mix that I painstakingly match audio tracks to mask the tones in a way that is subtle and easy to listen to without jarring audio.

Available for purchase on CD or as MP3 Downloads. 

CDs will be delivered to you via USPS First Class Mail within 2-5 business days (U.S. customers only). The CDs are shipped in ultra-rigid mailers with added protection, these discs do not come with jewel cases. This not only reduces the impact on the environment but it allows me to ship these CDs to you free of shipping charges. The discs do include paper sleeves with windows. If you wish to store your discs in plastic jewel cases please consult with your local office supply store.

MP3 Downloads are digital products that you will have access to immediately after purchase (U.S. and International customers). When you place an order for MP3 downloads nothing physical will be mailed to you, you will receive unique links to your purchased digital MP3 downloads instead.

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